Les Bains : Residence D'Artistes par Magda Danysz

October 23, 2018

Les Bains : Residence D'Artistes par Magda Danysz

Titre de livre: Les Bains : Residence D'Artistes

Auteur: Magda Danysz

ISBN: 8888493972

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Magda Danysz avec Les Bains : Residence D'Artistes

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Les Bains was a nightclub in Paris that drew many big names back in the day. They partied hard within the walls up until the building was deemed unsafe and condemned in 2010 after terrible renovations. However, the structure has new life; 50 internationally acclaimed artists have made the 3,000 square foot building their canvas, creating wonderful street art. This book is the testimony of this amazing adventure.

Magda Danysz is an art dealer based in Paris. Danysz started in the art business in the early 90s, when she opened her first art space in 1991 as a student. After graduating in 1998, she followed and opened her gallery as it is now in July of that same year. Through the years she has provided instruction to other artists from various disciplines, including everything from street art to digital art. A few talents she has discovered include Shepard Fairey (who did Barack Obama s official portrait for the presidential campaign), JonOne, Seen, Miss Van, Erwin Olaf, and Ultralab. She has also participated in many art fairs around the world including Bologna, Brussels, New York, and even Miami. In June 2009 she was appointed to direct the building s Bund 18 gallery in Shanghai, which then became then MD Gallery in its 1000 m new location. In addition, she has published an extensive anthology about street art From Style Writing to Art: a Street Art Anthology.